IT Strategy Consulting

Atris Information Systems offers you the following services in the scope of its strategic consulting:

  • unbiased analysis of current states for processes and existing systems
  • comprehensive analysis of IT projects and their interrelations
  • development of a cross-project strategy
  • writing up specifications
  • evaluation of systems and suppliers
  • introduction and training of new systems (roll-out)
  • consulting of operation and maintenance (life cycle management)
  • IT cost analysis and consulting
  • consulting on IT system security and availability
  • consulting on system validation and quality assurance

Advantages you gain by strategy consulting

  • increase of the company’s success by demand-oriented and efficient use of IT
  • benefit from the independent perspective of the external consultant
  • reliable impartiality and product-independent consulting
  • company-wide strategic and cross-project perspective
  • use and provision of our comprehensive and wide-ranging know-how

IT-Audits or IT-Performance-Checks

As a rapid and cost-efficient solution, we are offering you an IT audit and an IT performance check, respectively. Such an audit results in a concept and a catalogue of measures to improve and consolidate the IT processes. The following questions may arise in the audits:

  • Is the IT environment economic and cost-effective?
  • How are the project costs calculated and controlled?
  • Are you using the right tools? Are there any alternatives?
  • Are you using future-oriented technology?
  • Are the systems sufficiently flexible and adaptable?
  • Are the systems sustainable enough? (System Life Cycle)?
  • Are there any arrangements concerning the maintenance processes (problem and change management...)?
  • Are the business processes supported both reasonably and optimally?
  • Are the processes in projects adapted and improved, if required?
  • Are the projects conducted efficiently?
  • How well are the individual projects mutually coordinated?
  • How well is the cooperation within and between project teams?
  • How well are the IT teams and the specialized departments coordinated?
  • Do you take advantage of synergistic effects for project improvements?
  • Are the systems designed sufficiently open (standardization of interfaces)?
  • Do you pay attention to system compatibility?