IT Project Management

Atris Information Systems will be glad to take on the project management of your IT products, even in cases where development is "beyond our control".

Atris project management services...

Our long-standing experience for your success

Atris has made very positive experience and, has happily achieved success "taking over" project management (for ongoing IT projects as well). As a consequence, we feel entitled to claim that we are capable of getting already "unstable" projects back on track!

Project phases

Some experts maintain that projects are in all cases conducted in 4 phases (irrespective of the type of project in question). We, however, place very much importance on our proven 5 phase model. We are looking forward to celebrate successful projects together with our customers.

The project phases according to Atris Information Systems

Advantages of "decently" conducting projects

Even today, the theoretical claim that software development corresponds to the standards of engineering science and the reality of conducting and implementing software projects, in many cases, still are worlds apart.

We have acquired valuable experience during our long-standing project activity and we know today that phase-structured and transparent project management results in larger project success because of increased customer satisfaction and sustainable cost saving.