IT Solution Providing

Apart from consulting and development, Atris Information Systems offers you direct utilization of an application framework on the internet or in an intranet for mapping and configuration of the most diverse applications. This framework was originally designed for utilization in complex projects within heterogeneous environments for the support of project management. In this context, much importance was placed on flexible and simple design for the different requirements of the projects. Thus, the AtOPS system emerged, which can be used to make available any application on the internet within a short time span.

AtOPS (Atris Online Processing System)

AtOPS is characterized by the following features:

  • comprehensive and user-configurable system for project development in complex and heterogeneous environments (development planning, project controlling, test management, change and problem management, etc...)
  • web-based and browser-compatible application
  • includes a powerful client-server tool for "power users"
  • any further applications are configurable

Advantages when using AtOPS

  • efficient and low-cost:
    » rapid use for individual requirements and processes without high development costs
    » rapid adaptation possible as soon as processes change
    » rapid utilization through application hosting possible (see below)
  • future-oriented and expandable, flexible:
    » Discretionary supplementation and expandability through new applications possible
  • transparency and performance:
    » flexible research options
    » adaptable audit trail (data journaling)
  • quality and security:
    » mature user and role concept with access authorisations
    » secure data base system and back-up concept
    » distinct separation of projects or applications
  • little training effort:
    » simple and consistent handling
    » all applications are accessible from the same user interface
  • flexible interface capability:
    » simple import & export functions

Utilization models

  • licensing of the application
    » utilization via an application server of the customer
    » utilization via an Atris server (application hosting)
  • renting the application
    » utilization via an Atris server (application hosting)