Philosophy of Atris Information Systems

Basic attitudes supporting us doing our daily work:

Orientation in consulting
and project work
  • During consulting, training or project realization, we always see the customer in the forefront. For a work result to be successful, it is important that we correctly perceive our customer with his requirements and needs.
  • For demand-oriented consulting or an effective introduction of a system, we essentially require a comprehensive analysis of the current and the target state of the underlying processes. We want to really understand the processes and requirements, before we conceive a solution or an optimization.
  • When consulting about the technology underlying the solution, we are unbiased as regards the manufacturer. It is the optimum degree of efficiency (benefit/costs) of the projected technical solution which is decisive for us.
  • Successful projects are carried out by good project teams. Good team building and management as well as positive motivation and open communication are decisive factors for a successful cooperation. We have experienced project managers within our ranks who are capable of successfully supporting and challenging a team.
  • We focus on success in WIN-WIN projects. To bring it about, we act in a healthy and successful mixture of target and process orientation. We are provided with willingness and capability to perform, as well as with a professional controlling.