GEneriC COmmunicator (GECCO)

GECCO (GEneriC Communicator) is a web based system for manual capturing of batch related data (e.g. analysis or process data). Due to its high flexibility GECCO can be easiliy used as a LIMS (for CQA) or as a EBR system (for CPP) in the GxP environment. GECCO is also well applicable for the work in the extranet e.g. by external companies and laboratories. The webpages for data capture can be individually designed, generated, tested and released quickly and easily by authorized users. The system consists of three components: web designer, administration application and web interface for individual data capture.

GECCO Highlights

  • Usable as a LIMS or EBR system in the GxP environment
  • Global data capture and storage in a central database
  • Configurable web interface for capturing batch analysis data
  • Defined work flow for creating and sharing web forms with digital signature
  • Defined work flow for the approval of the input data with digital signature
  • Reporting of captured data
  • Validation according to GAMP 5 for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Full integration into the system PANDA for generation of quality reports


GECCO Web Designer

The web designer is an Excel add-in that supports you optimal in creating web forms for analysis data. GECCO web designer offers with the extensive features of its Excel interface the rapid creation and expansion of the design. Layout, data sources and further properties are defined at predetermined Excel sheets. Like in Excel, formulas for the calculation of statistical values in subsequent data capture can be defined easily. To detect design errors quickly the consistency of the design is checked by the program.


GECCO Administration Application

In addition to the administration of users, clients and roles the main function of this component is to validate and upload the Excel design templates to GECCO and to manage versions of the files. During the upload process the current web forms and reports are automatically generated and provided on the web server.


GECCO Web Application

The generated web forms provide the easy capture of data for laboratory and production staff. For verification or documentation of the data a pdf file can be generated at any time. The entered data is checked in two steps by two persons and approved with electronic signature (approval process with double check).