BAtch Traceability (BAT)

BAT (BAtch Traceability) is a web based system for recording and graphical representation of the dependencies of active substance and product batches in pharmaceutical industry. It provides the complete backtracking of the usage of batches.

In the BAT batch tree it is descriptively illustrated which source batches a selected batch contains and in which batches of a later production process it was used. The graphical interface allows intuitive navigation through the tree and retrieval of detailed information like analysis and process data for the displayed batches.

As a basis for tree representation data from existing ERP systems (such as SAP) are used. Alternatively, batches and their dependencies can be captured in the BAT data entry via web interface.

BAT Highlights

  • Full batch traceability through the graphical representation of the batch tree
  • Display of all predecessor and successor batches
  • Intuitive navigation in the batch tree
  • Display of batch analysis and process data through the connection to the systems of PANDA or GECCO
  • Open interface to the known ERP systems (e. g. SAP/R3)


BAT Batch TreeBAT shows available batch dataBAT shows batch analysis dataBAT Batch Tree with many batchesBAT Batch Data EntryBAT Batch Data Entry / Edit Batch