Web Machine Control Interface (WebMCI)

WebMCI (Web Machine Control Interface) is a web based system for statistical analysis and control of filling and weighing processes of capsule filling machines. WebMCI is multi-client capable and provides the statistical batch data and graphical reports for different product groups simply from the web interface. Like all systems of Atris information Systems it has been validated according to GAMP 5 for use in the critical field of pharmaceutical industry. WebMCI is used for the release of batches. It provides corresponding single batch reports. Statistical analyses for any batch or machine groups are possible. Process capability indices as Cp and CpK are supplied as well as ANOVA analyses.

The system has interfaces to capsule filling machines from different manufacturers:
MG2, Harro Höfliger and IMA


WebMCI Highlights

  • Analysis and reporting for batch release
  • Web based system for statistical analyses
  • Determination of process capability (Cp and CpK)
  • Reports over any groups (machine, products, batches) and periods of time
  • Validated according to GAMP 5 for the critical field

WebMCI Interface

The user interface of WebMCI is clear and intuitively useable. It is equally suitable for use in the production area as well as at office desk.

WebMCI HistogramsWebMCI Batch StatisticsWebMCI Batch Statistics expandedWebMCI Weight AnalysisWebMCI Weight DistributionWebMCI ANOVA Analysis