PANDA On Site for Process Validation

PANDA as an on site installed system for statistical analyses and quality reports to FDA and EMA.

PANDA supports your statistical trending, reporting and process validation. You can also use our GMP consulting for process validation and statistical know-how to complete the service.

PANDA On Site Use

Benefits of PANDA On Site

  • GMP consulting (know-how of current guidance and empowering to realization)
  • Statistical know-how and support
  • Full data integration and harmonization of CPP and CQA data
  • Support by data analysts and database professionals for the GMP-relevant data
  • Data compression, aggregation and result visualization in data grids
  • Full control over the CPP and CQA data via rich client application
  • Free design of the trendings, statistics and reports
  • Easy definition of template reports
  • Full Service for reporting possible
  • Multiple export types of reports
  • Ease of comparison and correlation of process and quality data
  • High data security via separation of mandator data in different containers
  • PANDA provides big data management and statistical analyses
  • Profit by state of the art in technology
  • Use of a flexible and scalable system
  • Benefit by synergy effects