Atris Information Systems

Benefit from the range of services offered by Atris Information Systems, in which we combine IT strategy consulting with IT project development. We create effectivity
(-> "doing the right things") and efficiency (-> "doing things right") for your IT challenges.

Applying experienced and balanced IT project management and quality management during project work, Atris Information Systems provides for transparency of service time and costs.

Efficient use of mature and high-performance software solutions offers you opportunities and chances in many areas of application by providing IT solutions.

Range of Services.

What are the benefits for our customers?

It is our aim to strengthen the market position of your company sustainably:

  • by saving costs in the IT area
  • by optimizing the IT service grade for your business applications
  • by optimizing the way you conduct your IT projects
  • by making projects predictable and transparent
  • by improving customer orientation via use of IT solutions
  • by accelerating your business processes (e.g. in procurement and in sales)
  • by supporting your decision processes by means of Business Intelligence
  • by provision of easily configurable applications on the internet or intranet (application hosting)